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Today’s guest post is as simple as Lauren. Lauren believes all you need in your life are three things: great lingerie, good food, and fantastic friends. When she’s not putting pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard) she enjoys reading, cooking (mainly desserts), and indulging in a little bit of retail therapy.

Do not forget that moment in Bridget Jones when Renee Zellweger had to decide in between the scary, huge, pants and the sexy black ones? Those scary pants helped Bridget to bag Daniel Cleaver (against her better judgement, may I add) but nonetheless, she did look amazing because gold dress.

If you’ve got a big event springing up and you will want little something extra that will help you look and feel your very best, there’s no harm in making use of high-tech fabrics and clothing design to offer your helping hand plus a super sleek silhouette.

Whilst 塑身衣 isn’t a requirement of dressing well, if you’re feeling bloated or perhaps not as firm as you’d like, a great bodysuit or pair of control pants can help enhance your confidence therefore making you feel great while wearing your favourite dress.

For the quick lift, bodies and body shapers are definitely the way forward. They may look a little bit similar to a swimsuit, but trust me when i state they’re very, completely different! Bodies assistance to smooth out your stomach, lift your bosom, help make your bum look perky and create a smooth silhouette – multi functional! They are good for wearing under virtually any outfit from trousers and tops, to shorts and tanks, to dresses and skirts. Many bodies offer an integrated underwire bra to provide support, but if you like to wear your own, there are actually cupless styles available that usually have matching separates, such as the one above from PrimaDonna. There are so many gorgeous designs out there, you might find yourself wearing some bodysuits as outerwear!

An excellent body control dress (also called a shaping slip) hugs your curves, making them look smooth and toned. If you wish shapely thighs, a defined waist along with a lifted bust, a control dress beneath your party dress is the ideal solution. If possible, get fitted to your shaping dress professionally, and become realistic as to what it may do to suit your needs. An effective shapewear dress, much like the ones shown above, gives you a sleek, smooth silhouette, nevertheless it won’t allow you to an entire dress size smaller. Attempting to squeeze in a shaping dress that’s not big enough can have the alternative effect, in reality, offering you bulges in places you shouldn’t keep these things.

Corselettes, or garter dresses, are an essential component of shapewear, and so i believe there is a devote most every wardrobe. Corselettes help develop a smooth silhouette when worn under dresses and skirts. Most corselettes feature stocking clips to help keep them into position, and many styles are pretty enough to use alone from the bedroom or as part of a brilliant-sultry boudoir photo shoot.

Camisoles help smooth your upper body and flatten your tummy. They’re more comfortable when compared to a full body control dress and are a wonderful choice if you’re wearing a gown that’s fitted towards the top and flared at the bottom. Additionally they work nicely for pairing using a show-stopping top and a pair of trousers, jeans, or perhaps a skirt.

Nipped-in waists and hourglass figures continue to be highly desirable for several women. If you want to add a little bit more definition in your waist, a waist cincher or “waspie” will probably be your new best friend. A waist cincher is a bit just like a wide belt that’s worn throughout the waist to helps smooth the tummy and support your back whilst helping produce a more defined hourglass shape. They are available in a wide range of styles which include front fastening, hook-and-eye closures and also pull-on styles, and they range between more plain, everyday wear to lacy pieces (such as Chantelle’s), which you’ll find it difficult keeping under your clothes!

Sometimes a bit of bra bulge can disrupt the lines of the otherwise great outfit. Longline bras, much like the beautiful Dottie’s Delights style pictured above, offer support to the chest and smooth your back so that you don’t have a visible bra line. Longline bras are structured to prolong a few inches less than the band of normal underwire bras and will also do dual purpose as a shaping bustier. Longline bras not simply help to shape your silhouette, they can even be more comfortable than bras with thinner bands since the wider band area provides more support across a bigger space.

If you want a smooth line under a slim-fitting skirt or some skinny jeans, shaping shorts and mid-thigh shapers are a great option. They help lift your bum and smooth from the thighs at 73dexhpky same time. You can even get shaping pants which help keep the skin cool, so you don’t get all hot and bothered around the dance floor. Because who doesn’t would like to look confident and comfy inside their party clothes?

Whether you’re slipping on the favourite pair of jeans or getting ready to hit this town together with your friends, you would like to look and feel your best for hours on end (or night!) long. Control briefs and boy shorts are ideal for lifting and rounding your bum to create a shapely derriere. Control briefs offer from light to firm support, and are perfect for those venturing into 男性塑身衣 for the first time as they are much less intimidating than their full body counterparts. Many control briefs also provide light stomach support and even a bit of thigh slimming, which makes them an outstanding all-around shaping garment suitable for most anything.

Shapewear isn’t just created to slim tums and lift bums; you will even find pieces to help you by helping cover their your arms. If you’re wearing a tight top or even a dress with long sleeves, you may want to try a back and arm shaper. These may even help with poor posture, a common complaint amongst office workers and those who spend time and effort in a desk. Arm shapers that stretch throughout the back aid to pull your shoulders in to a more natural position will help uncurl your whole body f you feel hunched over after having a long day at work. What’s to not love?